As a result of the Quebec government’s conference on March 23rd, we have taken the time to ensure that we could continue to offer our products to our participating pharmacies and clients. Cloth diapers and feminine hygiene pads are considered to be essentiel products, and for this reason, we can continue to process our orders. We are very sensitive to all the concerns you may have with regards to the propagation of the COVID-19 virus. Please rest assured that we are going above and beyond the required measures to offer a safe and secure situation both for our employees and our clients. Orders will continue to be processed by order of date received. We have currently processed all orders received on April 18th. Due to a reduced staff as well as a 50% reduction in work hours, please expect delivery delays to be between 1 to 2 weeks. You will receive a tracking e-mail once your order is processed. Please allow 24 hours for the tacking link to become active. Thank you in advance for your support and comprehension. Warm regards to all of the families across the nation!

Shipping delays: Our shipping delays are 2-3 business days. Given our current international circumstances, these delays may be greater than normal.

Shipping fees price list

We ship within 2-3 business days.
Due to increased volume and additional health and safety protocols, you may experience delays in receiving your order.

3,99 € France and Belgium Collissimo
5,99 € Europe excluding France/Belgium Colissimo Europe




Free 50 € and + France and Belgium Collissimo
Free 80 € and + Europe excluding France/Belgium Colissimo Europe